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The Digital Marketing Trifecta: The Three ways to generate Traffic to your website.

As you go about creating new customer engagement programs and direct marketing packages for your brand, look for opportunities to give rather than to get. Whoever makes the first kind gesture, as studies show, tends to gain the most.
If you've been privy to the digital world you may have heard these buzzwords passed around, but what is the difference between 'earned', 'owned' and 'paid' media and what does it mean for your digital strategy?Traffic drawn to owned media: In the digital age the most critical asset available to a business is its own website. It is the landing place where traffic drawn from all forms of media lands with SEO being the primary method of growing organic traffic. However there is a vast amount of content available on the net and it is imperative that the content on the website be targeted to the primary buyer. The Content should be able to reflect the buyers various stages of the decision making process I.e. (Awareness, Interest, Ev…

Marketing Trends 2016

1) Teenager's are going to ditch Facebook: Over the years there has been a slow but distinct drop in Facebook's Active teen user base. With the number of social media platforms Teenagers are shifting to newer social media platforms. A poll in 2012 had Facebook as the preferred social media for 42% of teenagers but a recent survey of 2015 found that facebook was the preferred social media platform of only 15% of teenagers. 2) The Rise of the social CRM: No longer can brands consider different digital platforms separately; more and more brands will link all their digital presence (Websites, social networks, email etc.) into one single analytical entity. This will help in understanding each customer in better light. The preferred channel that each customer chooses to interact with creating separate digital personas and grouping individuals accordingly. Brands which will be able to track multiple channels will be able to leverage this knowledge to earn the business. 3) Social Search…

Where many Digital Marketers Fail – SEO, It Can Lead to Long Term gains.

Most Marketers and business owners continue to miss out on an enormous opportunity that leads to extended growth and creating a sustainable business. Many Marketers and business owners work with Social Media, Content and paid searches as these give rise to short term quick returns, while missing out on the big jack that remains in the box i.e. SEO. Everyone says that they understand what SEO means but SEO cannot just be achieved by increasing website visits alone. SEO is an area that requires an enormous understanding of various methodologies and a deep understanding of site optimization. When one sees the acquisition terms SEO is definitely the most effective and cost efficient channel for customer Acquisition in the long term with increasing use of ad blockers becoming more and more prominent. While social media, Blogs , paid articles can provide a distribution channel for content , a lot of companies either take a passive approach to SEO, or they don’t utilize search to its full pote…