E-Mail+Content Marketing the Deadly Effective Marketing Cocktail

Email Marketing has been in existence for a very long time now and is the pioneer form of digital marketing while content marketing is the new kid in the block when it comes to content marketing. While separated by times these two can work tremendously well together to drive your overall online marketing  strategy. 

A smart marketer can now with a click of a button Curate content, share it on the web and email it to subscribers, thus increasing reach while decreasing the time and resources required to create quality content by following a series of simple steps :

Step -1 : Utilize your social media posts to create E-newsletters 
A simple step is to utilize content boards to convert social media posts into E-newsletter, the content board can pull content directly from your Facebook feed at predetermined intervals. This can then be automatically shared at scheduled times via e-newsletters.

Step 2 : Utilize Social Media to Create Dynamic Newsletters
There are tools that can help you share posts directly via bookmarklet's which help them share interesting content on the social media page or email it directly to their subscriber base. This make the Life of a content marketer much simpler as he can now interact much more frequently with the customer base.

Step 3 : Utilize Content Boards 
Content Boards are great method to Increase the quality of content available for distribution. These can easily pull in trending content from across the web and can be displayed on a content board page on the website. This can also be emailed to your subscriber base to increase interaction and recall with the customers. The Other benefit of content boards is to share related news based on targeted topics or topics your customers would prefer to interact with. This can even help you to drive a higher interaction level for your apps with this technique.

Step 4 : HELP IN SEO 
Content Boards Help to provide strong back links to your business website as well as drive a higher interaction and Increase the number of repeat visitors which result in higher Domain authority and provides a boost to SEO. Also Keep in mind google loves anything that is new, thus websites need to be updated regularly but there is drawback that it results in changing user experience. The solution to this is to Embed your content board onto your website, which will keep the website fresh as you keep updating your content board. This in help will help in increasing your SEO Score.

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