When your competition gets tough, you get tougher

For the last five seasons, none of the English premier league clubs have not fared well in the champions’ league, the competition of the elites of European Football (Soccer). Not since the day of the empathic win of Chelsea over Bayern Munich at the Allianz Arena has any Club from the English Premier League come close to even saying that they could win the Title. The Number of English Clubs appearing in the semi-final stages Dropped from 8 between 2008 to 2012 to a minuscule 2 between 2013 to 2017. Some Leagues were even questioning whether the number of Premier league clubs getting direct entry should be dropped or not because of poor performances.

This seems to have changed completely this year, while none of the participating English clubs have tasted Defeat, most of them are the top of their groups. Chelsea Have defeated Athletico Madrid away, while Tottenham Famously got a draw away at Bernabeu, Holding Real Madrid to a 1-1 Draw.
While it’s Still a long way to go, There is an interesting stat that shows the change in the performance of the English teams, The Goals conceded per match has come down to just 0.7 Goals per game. The cause for this improved performance can only be said to be the increased competition in the English League. All the premier league contenders Chelsea, Manchester United, Manchester City, Tottenham, Liverpool are playing against each other and as everyone seems to improve their game to win the league, this improved performance is translating into solid performances for them at the European stage.
Football (Soccer) Clubs are performing amazingly so what? Right, it means nothing in a Business Environment. Well, Let's take this club competition as an analogy and say there are 5 great pastry chains in the city of Mumbai, to beat the competition within this city each comes up with a different marketing, product positioning plan. Each creates a strategy to not lose customers and thus creates robust customer-centric business approaches. Now each of these chains goes national taking what they have learned from their competition, the chances of these chains flourishing because of having learned things the hard way would be higher. They would know how to tackle competition, how to build a loyal customer base, thus enabling them to establish successful franchises.

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