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Companionship is it really necessary???

We all have been brought up with the belief that no matter who you are as a human it is your duty to procreate and to find the right person to live your life with. What it means in one word is that as a human being it is our duty to find companions who share our beliefs, with whom we can spend our lives with. But we forget to use our inherent nature that has lead to human evolution, that is to question each and every set notion, the zeal to question has what has lead to our evolution. It is this very nature that lead to the start of use of fire and it is that same nature that lead to the discovery of the universe.

So, why do we not question these social norms that have so inflicted our society for now millennia? Is it the fear that if we question these norms we would be considered a pariah? Or, is it because we wish to ingrain ourselves into the society? Well, the motives both arise from the same need that is of belonging of the desire to be a part of a group.

But do some of us reall…